Lullaby: The First Steps

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Welcome! My name is Marie van Gend and I am the presenter of the podcast Lullaby: The First Steps. I hope that the podcasts and the accompanying information in this website will help you enjoy singing to your baby (or your grandchild, or a little person in your life). Your baby may still be waiting to be born, and that is a perfect time to start singing as they can hear you already (from 16 weeks).

I have three children of my own and have a background in both Science and Music (with a Ph.D. in Music). I have been teaching choirs for over 20 years so understand the importance of singing through life. I believe (and research has shown) that lullabies are more than just singing something soothing. They are a fundamental way for babies and adults to connect and that is why they have existed for hundreds of years. They are also an important way for babies to make sense of their world and to start developing speech.

For more of this background please listen to the Radio National Life Matters interview I did in August


Your baby knows your voice and wants to hear it - no matter how 'good' a singer you are. So please join me and we can learn some beautiful lullabies together.

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