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Lots more interest generated around the airwaves this week. It is so exciting that this project and caught the imaginations of people all around Australia and overseas.

On Monday afternoon I had a lovely conversation with Richard Glover on ABC Drive in Sydney. If you'd like to listen, our conversation starts just after the news at about 1 hour.

ABC local radio has also been playing versions of the online piece I posted in my last blog and it will play on A Big Country as well. A huge thank you to reporter, Emma Siossian for putting all of this together so brilliantly.

Please remember to join our facebook page - and I SO appreciate feedback and comments, either on the APPLE PODCAST app page or on this web page.

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Wow what a day it has been! This morning an amazing article came on on ABC Life

Some wonderful detail, as well as footage of Genevieve and her family singing (and that is little Levi who sings the start of each of the podcasts).

As well as the terrific article, there was a short but excellent snippet on the 7pm news tonight on ABC TV You can find it around 15.30 min.

On Monday afternoon I'm being interviewed by Richard Glover on ABC in Sydney. It is so wonderful to have this kind of interest and support and I hope you can help spread the word by sending links to your friends and families. I'd also love you to add comments on the podcast on the Apple site (if you're using it) or on facebook or this website. It's so good to hear from you.

It seems this project has hit a really sweet spot. Lots of ideas a projects ahead which I will tell you about soon.

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One of the loveliest things about this project has been the huge amount of support that has been offered by the media. Today a really nice article was published in Focus Magazine. Here it is for those of you who don't get it in your town:)

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